Investing & Donating for Impact

Each contribution makes a difference in people's lives and the well-being of our community, whether you invest in or donate to the loan pool, or support our programs and social purpose real estate.


Want your money circulating in the community to improve social conditions? The Loan Fund manages a small pool of capital that it uses to invest in individuals and organizations creating opportunities for themselves and others.  No other investment vehicle exists in the region, in which 100% of your money works here!

Choose up to 3% return. The average chosen is 1.2% return. We protect your investment by holding a reserve based on risk. No investor has lost money.

We are currently working on scaling the fund with a goal to double every year for the next 4 years in order to have a greater impact. We invest in social purpose real estate, social enterprises, individual self employment and more!


A donation leverages at least three times its value in lending, and often up to ten times its value.

Donations help us do amazing things like leverage the acquisition of buildings in our neighbourhood.

We provide charitable receipts for all donations.

If you are interested in donating, please hit our donate button below. For more information, please contact Seth at 506-652-5626.


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