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Our Business Accelerator program is dedicated to Women who want to start or scale businesses. This program is sponsored, which allows us to offer it, FREE to participants chosen for the program.

Step One: Apply
                                  Apply online to join the wait list for the 2024 Enterprising Women Class
                                 If you would rather apply in-person visit our office - 139 Prince Edward Street, SJ (please note the office is closed on holidays) 

Step Two:  Interview Chat
                                  We will schedule an interview within 7 days of receiving your application.
                                  We will contact you for a 20 minute chat about our Business idea,
                                  and answer any questions you have about the course.

Step Three: What is next?
                                If you are accepted into the program we will notify you by email.
                                Classes are self-lead online with 3 sections of modules to complete.
                                We will support you with ONLINE & IN PERSON ongoing workshops & coaching.

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EW - Enterprising Women is a unique business accelerator program which focuses on building assets & empowering women to attain self-reliance.
EW began 14 years ago in Saint John and has graduated over 100 women with more than 60 starting their own small businesses.

Today we still run face to face course in Saint John, but with a strategy partnership able to expanded to Atlantic Canada through a new Online Platform.

"As a result of EW, our participants understand the power of Asset Building through the spirit of entrepreneurship.  They end the program holding a completed business plan with three-year cash projections in their hand, ready to take action."                                                                                                
                                                                                          Diane Snelgrove, Program Advisor 

During the EW program we adopt an entrepreneurship mindset to set goals and design business plans. We guide women to combine skill development and critically thinking then apply the grit needed to move through fear and barriers to open a business.  

In the beginning our EW women come with an IDEA but little knowledge of how to run a business. 75% of our participants have no income, low income or receiving income assistance or employment insurance.  Within a peer supported environment, we navigate solutions to allow each participant to  address personal barriers and challenges by designing their business to fit their needs.

EW 90-Hour Accelerator
We start with ME inc., because behind every great business is a Brilliant Women.  The first several classes focus on building a foundation of skills, tools and approaches to problem solving that is unique to each person.   We use using the Sustainable Livelihood Matrix, to assist participants learn how to build Five Key Asset Areas through the lenses of Entrepreneurship.

Company inc., is the next phase.  We allow time to refine business ideas and ensure legal requirements, regulations and safely issues are researched and addressed.   The following list highlights the many sections of the Accelerator.  As each women business idea is different, we will spend time near the end in one-to-one session fine tuning the final business plan.

During the 90-hour Accelerator:
Refine your Business Idea to make a Profit
Identify your Target Market
Planning & Design your Product or Service
Operation Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Develop 3-year Financial Projections
Funding your Start-Up
Taking Action & Getting Started
Pitching your Idea to Others


Our EW Motto:
Be Brilliant, Stumble & then be Brilliant Again!

Bring your idea to EW to create a business plan that will acts as a guide to grow your dream business.  With a strong plan comes endless possibilities!

This program, valued at over $3,200, t is fully funded by the Kaleidoscope Social Impact and is completely free to qualifying participants.

Yes!     You can be employed and take the EW class
Yes!     You can be running your business while taking this class
Yes!     You can be on EI or other Government programs
YES!     Apply Today!

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Enterprising Women Success Stories
Kaleena Lawless
Luna Belly Dancing

"The program enabled and empowered me. I was introduced to local women who had started their own business, faced similar challenges, and prevailed. I was moved and inspired through their stories. The instructor provided us with the resources and confidence to take our business to the next level. We attended networking events, watched inspiring films and attended a panel discussion. My favourite part was connecting with my fellow Enterprising Women participants."

Pam Wheaton
Heartbreak Boutique

Pam Wheaton (eW5) opened Heartbreak Boutique and Skates in uptown Saint John in 2012. Her store specializes in two things Pam loves; retro clothing and the Roller Derby. Besides cool fashion, she supplies skates and their accessories for teams and players in the local circuit. For Pam it's a dream come true to have her own store. She loves the support she gets from the local community of fellow entrepreneurs, and of course, from her loyal customers.

Christine Eruokwu
Kaima Designs, United Colours of Fashion

"Enterprising Women has been an amazing experience, I had the opportunity to come together with other women and harness the power of women supporting each other."

Lisa Mosher
KP Quilting Studio

"I am first and foremost a dreamer and a quilter. That's what I love to do and it's fabulous that I get to do it everyday now. Thank you to [Kaleidoscope] for helping me complete my business plan."

Alisha Anderson
Dione Cosmetics

Alisha Anderson (eW4) started as a make up artist and opened Dione Cosmetics, one of only 155 cruelty free color cosmetics companies in the world! She has a store in Quispamsis, NB plus has salespeople she calls Goddesses & Gods across Canada selling the Dione line. She has been featured on the cover of makeup magazines, and had shout outs from various celebs. Recently, she has teamed up with Pennington's to find the next cover girl in the #CurvyGirlCoverContest. We are fortunate to have her guest facilitate eW to share her amazing experience.

Lesley Belyea

Lesley Belyea graduated from Enterprising Women and is an accomplished artist, but what she loves most is the budgeting reminders she got from the Money Matter$ modules. "Money Matters has taught me that sticking to a budget and keeping a log isn't just easy, it's rewarding. I immediately saw the rewards of my cash growing and my debt shrinking. I have successfully shrunk my debt to a manageable size. I only use my credit for emergencies such as medical or repairs. The excitement that I used to get from buying a new treat has been replaced by the excitement of watching my money grow and my debt shrink. This self-control has done wonders for my anxiety and confidence."

Christina Maclennan
Nails by Christina

Christina MacLennan  was seeking financing to relocate her business, Nails by Christina. The Social Enterprise Hub was only a few weeks away from being completed and Christina jumped at the the space opportunity for her Salon.' I feel even more connected to the Waterloo Village community now that my work is within walking distance of not only my home but also my children's school. It makes my work- life balance of a single mom entrepreneur way more manageable." Christina then completed the Enterprising Women Program to expand her business. --Tools such as the Business Model Canvas allowed me to envision my business in a different way and make sense of it even more. I also value the support of the other women in the group!

Cheryl Horgan
Inner Crows

Cheryl Horgan runs Inner Crows, a small company that specializes in jewelry made from recycled metals. Besides selling online through an Etsy site, Inner Crow jewelry is currently being sold in outlets in Fredericton and the Miramichi.  Her favorite thing about running her business is the joy of creating. She says the Loan Fund gave her the confidence she needed in her products and her pricing.

Kathy Young

We awarded the annual Judi Chisholm Financial Literacy Award to Kathy Young. The Award is given to an individual who demonstrates through a short essay, how they continue to use financial literacy tools in their life. An A$$ETS graduate, she used her $500 to move to a better apartment for her family. Kathy then enrolled into Enterprising Women  and after graduating started Pound Fit at the Hub, a fitness class that uses drumming  to beat out the sweat.