KALEIDOSCOPE Social Impact Training

YES Program

"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow"

Youth Entrepreneurship Success Program (YES)

The YES Program is a learning program for youth to build skills through entrepreneurship. Youth engage in the community to increase their knowledge of  social enterprise and entrepreneurship while get to developing their own ideas into a micro-business or community project.

We listen to the concerns of youth and support them in becoming changemakers!

The YES programs helps youth explore meaningful ways to address issues they care about.

We create opportunities for youth to engage in positive change while inspiring self drive and motivation.

Throughout the summer youth work together to:

✔ Learn about social enterprise
✔ Practice teamwork
✔ Create fun marketing strategies
✔ Make an action plan
✔ Build skills in sales & communication
✔ Grapple with the math of business

Youth Entrepreneurship Success Stories
The ONE Change Community Centre

With weekly sessions over the summer a group of 15 youth ages 6-12 decided to create a taco stand with drinks and cotton candy. We supported their ideas and helped them create an organized plan to execute their idea. The teamwork and passion for their entrepreneurial venture with this group was incredible and the event was very well received by the community.

The Boys and Girls Club Grand Bay

This group of youth leaders spent a week learning about entrepreneurship with us. Their boba tea business was a unique addition to the Brundage Point weekly market.

The Boys and Girls Club Saint John

Over the summer the B&G club youth leaders spent time at the Hub for their learning sessions and got to visit places like Connexionworks and the city market. Boredom amongst their peers was something they wanted to address so they created a grand community carnival at the SJ board walk that brought together other youth in saint John including the band from Rock of Ages Music School.

The ONE Change Community Centre

Ashlee was a superstar over the summer selling her baked goods at the centre and at the community carnival with the Boys & Girls Club. She made us and herself proud earning more than she anticipated and her commitment to saving her profits for her future goals.

P.R.U.D.E. Inc

We collaborated with the Youth program at PRUDE and explored creative expression.

The Boys and Girls Club Saint John

We worked with a group of 12 youth over the summer who gained confidence, learned new things, visited new places uptown. We gave our program a facelift and this was the first group to try out all our new activities and games... and they gave us their stamp of approval!

The ONE Change Community Center

In the summer of 2020 we worked with a small group at the Nic Nicole centre who all had a shared passion for art. We provided artist mentorship and helped to equip them on their journey to become artist entrepreneurs.

NBCC Saint John

We partnered with NBCC "College 4 Kids" to deliver the YES program in 2019. The youth spent one week learning about entrepreneurship and they came up with the idea to create a carnival experience for adults and youth at the Saint John City Market. Some sold snack and hand made items while others made their own interactive games.