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"One of the most important financial activities one can do is to save. Pay yourself first."

How To Avoid Sticker Shock

Inflation simply means things are becoming more expensive. The supply and demand balance are out of whack and we cannot change that. Sigh. We have seen downturns in our economy in the past and experience does tell us that they do pass.

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The Kaleidoscope of Financial Empowerment

The kaleidoscope, with its ever-changing lights, colors and various shapes represents unlimited views, opportunities and the release of blocked creativity. When our executive director came to me with the idea of using Kaleidoscope as our new name I felt a smile begin in my tummy.

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How Do You Spend a Rainy Day?

Do you feel that all you do is work to pay bills and die? Are you looking for some pleasures in life? What are your hobbies? Does it cost you money? It is impossible to have hobbies that do not cost money, however, like everything, there has to be balance.

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