KALEIDOSCOPE success stories

Success Stories:

CDF has been an outspoken advocate for making finances and investments serve people, not the other way around. In 2020, we invested in Kaléidoscope Social Impact, which provides loans to help people grow a business, a social enterprise, or increase the availability of affordable housing. This investment adds resources at a grassroots level and encourages a social enterprise ecosystem in New Brunswick that works to scale innovative solutions to reduce poverty and strengthen community wellbeing.

Catherine Donnelly Foundation

We wanted to help the community by investing in affordable housing, but we did not want to do it directly. The fact that we can do it through an experienced group like Kaleidoscope, and BUILD NB, has been great. What is also important, is that it has an immediate impact, they have moved to finance projects quickly. We need this fund, and we need to grow it, so they can finance more housing. We believe, this is one of the best organizations that a New Brunswicker can invest in right now.

Peter Buckley and Kelly Patterson